Familiar Mistakes that Can Put Your Home in Danger


All too often, we as homeowners load our properties with all types of appliances and other units that use power to operate. Of course, most of us need a washer, dryer, stove, microwave, phone, and all the other things you can think of that must be plugged into an outlet and supplied power. By avoiding the most familiar electrical mistakes made by property owners, you can save yourself from spending tons of money in the future while minimizing the risk of a house fire and other disasters.

  • Not checking the lint trap. This is perhaps one of the easiest mistakes for any homeowner to make. The pileup of fibrous material can catch flame as the dryer is in use.
  • Throwing away the owner’s manual. Many of us throw away these manuals without ever reading them.
  • Not washing clothes full of flammable chemicals enough. Should these chemicals remain on the clothes as they’re in the dryer, they could catch on fire from the heat. Wash clothes with chemicals on them several times before drying.
  • Neglecting to clean or conduct routine maintenance on the stove and oven. Keep the range clean and always use a timer.
  • Never wrap cords up. This causes the energy to flow poorly, strips cords, and even traps heat which will melt the insulation on the wires and eventually start a fire.
  • Don’t use too many power strips or extension cords. Using too much power from a single outlet is dangerous.
  • Don’t assume that electrical tape is the answer to the problem. This tape is a temporary fix until a professional can appropriately address the issue.

Most of the electrical issues serviced by professionals include correcting or cleaning up the mistakes made by most homeowners. At the point in which the electricians are called, the problem is usually worsened due to the homeowners trying to fix it alone. This only raises the costs of repair. It’s better to call an electrician immediately if you notice anything suspicious with the electrical work at your home.

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